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About Us

Hello, we are Steve and Missy Bentz, the owners and operators of Misty Pond Resort. We know you will love this place because of how much we do!


After owning our own furniture repair business with several employees for 30 years we felt ready to do something with less stress. Our 3 amazing children were grown and on their own, and 2 of them had moved to Flowery Branch, so we thought we might like to live somewhere nearby. Our friend, who is a real estate agent, showed us some pictures of this beautiful property and even though it was out of our reach financially we could not get it out of our minds.


God planted an idea in our heads - could we live in the carriage house and rent out the property for short-term rentals? He gave us a vision to create a haven for burned-out, over stressed souls to come and be refreshed and replenished through rest, fun, fellowship with family and friends, and the peaceful beauty of nature. And then to our utter amazement He tore down every obstacle, one by one, that stood in our way! And now this wonderful property has become just that- a get-away of restoration, fellowship, and fun. We hope that you will come and experience the peaceful beauty, comforting rest, and invigorating energy that all of our guests love!

Psalms 23: 2-3 He leads me by quiet waters; He restores my soul.

Why the Name?

No, it is not named after me! I am Missy, not Misty. But my youngest daughter was given the “call sign” Misty by my beloved veteran father. He gave her the name because of her courage and unflappable determination to achieve her goal regardless of the obstacles that stood in her way, which reminded him of the Misty Pilots during the Vietnam war (see for more information).


I was mulling over the idea of using the name Misty to honor both my father and my daughter, but I had other ideas as well. I prayed that since God gave us the vision and the mission, he would also give us the name. The next morning, I was at my usual workout spot before dawn, and one of my partners said “Look! The field is covered in mist!” In the over 10 years I had worked out there I had never seen the field covered in a thick coat of mist. When I returned home, I looked up the word mist in the bible and found this gem: Genesis 2:6 There went up a mist from the earth that watered the whole face of the ground. How perfect!


Misty Pond's purpose is to be a place that refreshes weary souls. Isn’t God sweet? I just love Him!


We live in the carriage house on property and hope to be able to bring peace, restoration, and fun to families and friends at our beautiful resort. We can't wait to welcome you!


Contact us with any questions or special requests or click the Book Now button on our site to check availability and book your stay.


Your new friends,

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“We hate to leave! We had the best time ever!!!"

“Words cannot express my joy right now! We had a wonderful time here. The both of you are a blessing to us and thank you for the anniversary gift! Loved! Loved it!"

“The photos do not do this place justice! It is so beautiful and peaceful here with the sounds of the waterfall, the birds chirping and the beautiful grounds and nature trail!"

“Misty Pond is truly unbelievable! We thoroughly enjoyed our getaway. We were able to relax and absorb the beauty and serenity of your very special place!"

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